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IndustryInform is an innovative Data As A Service service that simplifies the way business owners, managers and manufacturers get industry data and develop their business.It meets needs for market development, competition analysis, review of a particular economic sector, marketing research, finance, related people.

This is possible thanks to the availability of:

– Reports and conclusions of expert analysts giving a full picture of the development of various industrial sectors, key players in them and the circumstances that drive their markets.

– A set of tens of millions separate information units, that can be easily searched and retrieve detailed statistics, sales forecasts, market share, production data, and more.

– Information from secure and diverse sources, such as the Bulgarian National Bank, the National Statistical Institute, the Commercial Register, the World Wide Web, public and private databases, state agencies, international organizations, consultancy firms and industry associations.

What distinguishes IndustryInform from others?

Using semantic technologies, IndustryInform locates, filters and organizes the latest industry data by providing important answers to questions about companies, people, business activities, assets, profits, etc., identifies and shows trends in the development of economic sectors in a local, regional and global level, provides sectoral analyzes of various economic sectors, forecasts for growth of production or markets, size of production or markets.

IndustryInform sectoral reports contain an overview of the geographic concentration and subsectors, companies that are in the industry with their financial indicators, detailed information on profitable businesses, and a list of loss-making businesses.

IndustryInform also provides access to a structured database from which reports are generated. This makes it easy to get an idea of ​​an economic sector and to find the necessary data.

Why use IndustryInform’s search engine?

IndustryInform offers accurate search capabilities through all available industry data, while eliminating irrelevant results and integrating information from a variety of sources. This saves valuable personal and business time, increases efficiency and productivity, and reduces the cost of quality, professional and up-to-date information.

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