Resilience Key to Mining’s Future Success: Report

Resilience Key to Mining’s Future Success: Report

After the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic passes, it is not clear what comes next. Mining companies will need to set themselves up for success amid the uncertainty. To help their preparation, Deloitte devised four potential future scenarios and weighed current trends’ importance to each.

Deloitte examines the pandemic’s various potential effects, depending in large part on how well the virus is contained. At one end, despite long-term repercussions, an effective policy and health response makes the pandemic a “Passing storm.” At the other, a prolonged pandemic drives countries into isolationism. A third option has China and East Asia leading a collaborative global virus management effort, while the fourth option presumes a larger role for “stakeholder capitalism”, as large companies fill in for overwhelmed governments.

Deloitte then applied five industry trends – supply chains, government power, future of work, automation and digital, and decarbonization – to each scenario.

Read the report here.

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